Welcome! We assume you have come to us looking to start, augment, or refine your ability to survive a disaster, emergency, or catastrophe. At Prepper Skills and the American Society of Preppers, our primary mission is to provide access to organized content for the Prepper and Survivalist markets. One of the challenges in prepping is that there is so much information out there and it can be bewildering on where to begin. We endeavor to bring organization to your preparation and planning so you can prioritize what to do and budget your next step according to your available resources and personal commitment to enhancing your readiness.

When we say Prepper and Survivalist markets, what we mean is the
full spectrum of planning and actions necessary to prepare yourself, your family, and home for ANY unexpected event across the full spectrum of potential events. This includes everything from short duration events to medium and long duration ones. To do this, we decided to use event duration as a dimension to segment some of our content – 3-Hours, 3-Days, 3-Weeks, 3-Months, and 3-Years.


We will look at most likely scenarios such as a bad storm that knocks out power for a few hours to a few days. Or, your house catches fire and burns to the ground. Or, your car may break down in the middle of nowhere. Or, more dangerous scenarios such as an active shooter incident or a home invasion! What do you need to do to prepare yourself for these types of events? How do you plan for this? What actions will you need to take if this occurs? Our experts will tell you exactly how to prepare yourself and your family for these types of events and what actions you should take when they occur. Additionally, we present the material so the capabilities you establish or develop for short duration events provide a foundation for progressing to develop your capabilities for more complex and longer duration events.

A medium duration event could be a severe storm that lasts for weeks to months. Think Hurricane Katrina with over 1,200 deaths. Or, a severe earthquake and resulting tsunami such as in Indonesia in 2004 or more recently in Fukushima, Japan that killed almost 16,000 people and left 2,500 still missing after years. A long duration event could be an extremely devastating weather event where the acute and recovery phases could last from months to years. Or, a collapse of government and societal structure typically precipitated by war by invasion or some form of revolution where the effects could last from months to years. In each of these scenarios, we want to help you develop the capability to respond to the affects, particularly if emergency services and commercial supply chains are not operating.

These events that we’ve listed are all possible. They are all happening to someone, somewhere in the world, right now or occurred in the recent past… We have seen mega storms and natural disasters devastate large areas: Think of Mount St. Helens, Hurricanes Katrina or Matthew. Most of the people affected could not foresee these events early enough to act because they had not even considered the possibility, and they were not prepared to act once they realized what was upon them because they did not have a plan. The benefit of using the dimension of time to segment and plan for unexpected events, is that it allows you to prepare for the shorter duration events first, which typically require fewer resources to make it through. This allows you to offset the cost of preparation incrementally, both in terms of money and time. The other benefit realized by segmentation of events is that you can
identify and plan for the most likely events and the most dangerous events first. These are the ones you need to focus on now.

Our content is the user friendly! We strive to make is incredibly practical and useful for people just beginning preparations all the way up the scale to seasoned preppers and survivalists. We use a wide variety of media formats to make our content engaging, and informative, in ways that will appeal to any adult learning style. And we help you
prioritize your next steps and gauge your progress.


At Prepper Skills and the American Society of Preppers, we strive to provide you with access to highly usable information and skills, so you can prepare yourself and your family for ANY situation that may arise. Presently, there is a lot of uncertainty our communities. Every day we see and hear news reports about another act of violence - home invasions, hostage situations, active shooters, gang violence, criminal violence, workplace violence, protests that turn violent, and terrorist attacks. Now, the violence has even escalated to the point where our honorable law enforcement officers, those charged with protecting us, are being openly targeted and attacked.

The fact is, you can significantly reduce or eliminate your risk in these situations...if you decide to take action now - acquire information, practice and develop your skills, cultivate right mindset, and ALWAYS be prepared to act immediately and decisively.

Our Subject Matter Experts are just that. They are highly trained people who have honed their skills through years of hard training and real-world experience. They are true experts in their respective fields and they want to share what they know with you. Our core base of knowledge and experience comes from military veterans - Special Forces, Rangers, Delta Force Operators, and Marines whom the US Government has spent millions of dollars training and deploying in high-risk areas around the world. Collectively, these people have been in literally every imaginable situation you might envision. They epitomize the proverbial, “Been there, done that” saying.

Additionally, we bring in Subject Matter Experts who are experienced in other practical prepper, survivalist, and emergency preparedness skills such as living off-the-grid, sustainable life practices, farming and growing food, preparing and preserving food, and raising and caring for animals.

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