Let's Go Where the Food Is! Aug 17,2018

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Sam Kinison – “Let’s Go Where the Food Is!”  Venezuela August 2018


Just saw an article reporting that 2.3 Million people have emigrated from Venezuela so far this year, just under 10% of the population. They are "bugging out" mainly because of food shortages. The UN is reporting another 1.3 Million malnourished.  This brings up several points that bear emphasizing


1-When the modern supply chain system gets interrupted (for whatever reason), heavily populated areas (aka cities) are affected the most.  If food is scarce, those most dependent on food deliveries to local grocery stores and markets will feel the pinch first.  Highly recommend you just watch the first episode of BBC’s Connections with James Burke to see what I mean.  The wonders of modern technology mean that people can live in cities and be supplied with food, power, water, etc while solid and liquid waste is shipped away.  When even one of the components of that system break down, living in a densely populated city may quickly become unviable. 


If you live in a city – what’s your personal situation?  Do you have food stored away?  Or will you have to Bug Out like the Venezuelans?


2-I also just finished binge watching Alone Seasons 2 and 3.  And the contestants are getting pretty ingenious in the things they are constructing in the woods to make their lives better but the bottom line in Season 3 was the final contestants were starving to death.  Two of the last four contestants were removed by the doctor as their BMI dropped to dangerously low levels.  The winner had lost over 70 pounds!  Their energy levels were dropping as their body cannibalized itself to keep them alive.  Low energy translates in lower mental acuity and results in poor decision making.  While their “Never Quit” attitude was commendable, their life in the wild was unsustainable.  They should have decided to move to a food source to survive.  Now they were artificially motivated to stay out in the wild to win the contest but in reality, at some point when they were not getting enough food, they should have been deciding to relocate. 


Takeaway – don’t wait until you have no other options before you make your decision to bug out.


3-But let’s imagine the folks in Venezuela and the contestants in Alone had a chance to stock up on food stores before the crisis.  In that case they may not have to bug out to survive.  At least the contestants in Alone may not have had to relocate as there is / was no one else at their location that could pilfer their food stores.  Not the same case in cities in Venezuela.   Even if you had food stored up, if your starving neighbors figure out that you have food and they don’t – those are circumstances that lead to morally questionable behavior.  And even the simple act of cooking a meal can give your situation away – how can you control the smell of your meal?


So stocking up food (as all of us Preppers strive to do) might lead to our own demise as hungry neighbors or mobs want to get at those stores.  Don’t expect them to think long term and save some food for later or leave some food in the fields, it is likely that your area would get picked clean.  They will eat whatever they find.


4-So we come to our conundrum today:  Now (before a crisis) is the time you should be planning and setting aside your food stores. You should also be organizing your food stores so they are dispersed in several secure locations or hidden caches so compromise of one of them does not deplete your entire stock.  And you need to consider how you will defend your food stock if you have are forced to do so.  And finally you need to be thinking about how you would move to a new secure location if you are forced to – particularly if a mob forces their way into your safe haven.


5-Last note – part of your food stores need to be in a different location than your home.  A place you might have to hike (or ride a bike) to recover them.  And a portion of your food stores needs to be light and mobile (such as freeze dried food that you can carry on your back in case you have to). 


While I hope your prepping puts enough food in the pantry to get you through any crisis.  Don’t forget your PACE plan [Primary Alternate Contingency and Emergency].  And one of those plan might include moving to where the food is! [channeling the great Sam Kinison].  




De Oppresso Liber


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