Prepping for the Last Crisis May 10,2018

Defense ( Asymmetric Self Defense )

Don’t make the mistake of prepping for the last crisis


There are several developments that I see that make me wonder if we might be prepping for a crisis that won’t happen – many of us might be prepping for crisis’s of years gone by.

Back at the Academy, I took a course entitled Technology and Tactics.  The theme was studying how advances in technology dictated changes in tactics.  The problem was that throughout history, generals on one side have failed to recognize the impact of technology on tactics until they have suffered a defeat at the hands of new technology.  In essence, they studied the last war but were not paying attention to how technology might change the battlefield of the future. 

Improvements in artillery made castles and fortifications obsolete (even more so when artilery was superceded by airpower).  The increased range of the Minie ball made Napoleanic tactics obsolete.  The long bow and crossbow made plate armor and knights obsolete.  The repeating rifle and the machine gun made cavalry obsolete.  The list goes on.  So what is the technology that is going to make your personally owned weapons (rifles, pistols, shotguns) obsolete?  You cannot ignore developments in technology or at least you do so at your own peril.

Thanks to Wikileaks and Snowden, we have all seen and read how governments (particularly our own NSA) has the capability to monitor practically every aspect of our lives since so much or our life revolves around some sort of connected technology.  This means there is a lot of information available on almost everything you say or do and someone in the government has that information and the computing power to analyze it.

There was also an article recently that discussed DARPA (the US military’s research agency) is developing drone swarm that overwhelm any defense through complexity (multiple drones swarming a target).  If you Google “a different kind of human” you will see a similar concept where drone swarms are able to use facial recognition to kill mutiple targets.  The scary part is a drone doesn’t cost much money, so they can be deployed in massive numbers for a fraction of the cost of a standing army. 

Your second amendment right to form a militia among a community of preppers with only rifles, pistols and shotguns might not be able to defend against a drone swarm. 

Another article that I thought was alarming was the reports that Russia is using robot tanks in Syria.  This is a natural extension of unmanned combat where machines are sent in to do the fighting (as we are already seeing the US military using aerial drones up to cruise missles to strike any target any where).  Go watch your favorite Terminator film and note that Skynet might be here soon….

Again, your community militia that came together in the SHTF crisis might not be able to fight a robot tank or an Arnold Schwarznegger looking killer robot. 

So while preppers think about SHTF and a grid down scenario – the image of strapping on your BOB and heading to the hills with your rifle that has become central to most prepping plans might not be a good approach.  I am wondering if this technique might already be overcome by modern developments.  In a SHTF event, will some element (I assume some part of the government) retain a high-tech capability to find survivors and bring them back under government “control”?  The weapons you have might not be sufficient to defend yourself.

The world she is a changing.  And the prepper needs to also think about how to retain use of some technology after the SHTF and in particular what technology you should invest in to enhance your ability to defend yourself so the other guy doesn’t have you at a distinct disadvantage. 


De Oppresso Liber


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