Stocking Stuffer #12 - Survival Rations Dec 20,2017

Sustenance ( Food )

Stocking Stuffers #12 - Survival Rations

Our last installment of Stocking Stuffers we are going with a 3-day Survival Ration.  We covered a lot of ground over the past 11 stocking stuffers:  from Shelter to Fire to Tools to Medical to Water but we haven't had anything for food yet.  So included below are some links to 3-day rations that can go in your stockings and then in your Bug Out Bag or in your vehicle.  Each package include 9x 400 calorie bars.  I have some of each so I / we can get a little variety if we have to survive on these.


Grizzly Gear - An Amazaon Best Seller


SOS Rations - Amazon Choice




Buy in multi packs to get a better price per unit.


Merry Christmas!


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