Stocking Stuffer #1 - Bivvy Dec 02,2017

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Prepper Skills Stocking Stuffer #1 - the Bivvy

Havng one of these handy in your bag or in your car could be the difference between life and death if you get stranded outside in the cold.  Pick up one (or two) for your backplack or to toss into your glove box.


   Or you can get a two-pack and save 40% on the second one!   

SE’s heavy-duty Emergency Sleeping Bag is tear-resistant, reusable, and comes with drawstring carrying bag for your convenience—a great addition to your gear for hiking, camping, hunting, boating, fishing, survival and emergency kits.


  • Dimensions: 3 ft. x 7 ft.
  • Weight: 5.8 oz.
  • Aluminized PE interior for insulation & warmth
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Reflects body heat
  • Reusability
  • Tear resistance
  • High-visibility safety orange color
  • Drawstring carrying bag

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De Oppresso Liber

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