Stocking Stuffer #5 - The Trauma Kit Dec 10,2017

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Stocking Stuffer #5 - the Trauma KIt Hemorrhage Control

This stocking stuffer is a little bigger but since in the 12 Days of Christmas song there were 5 golden rings on day 5 - we figured this should be a higher dollar item and actually it consists of a couple of components..  This is all about hemorrhage control and excludes some other critical capabilities such as  airway management and splinting.  Bottom line up front:  you should be able to build a solid kit for your family for about $140.

Item #1 - the tourniquet:  you chocie of the CAT or the SOFT-W.  Must have one but better to have two.


Item #2 - the pressure bandage AKA the emergency bandage AKA the Israeli bandage.  Again must have one but better to have two


Item#3 - Quikclot for areas you cannot apply or maintain direct pressure, again good to have more than one


Item #4 - the medical shears - to cut away clothing so you can observe the wound and apply hemmorage control


As an alternate to the pressure bandage, you can replace  (or augment Item #2 above) with compressed guaze and an ACE bandage or Coban Wrap



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