Stocking Stuffer #7 - Poncho and Poncho Liner Dec 15,2017

Shelter ( Expedient )

Stocking Stuffer #7 - the Military Poncho and Poncho Liner

Indulge me in my preference for some military kit - the poncho and poncho liner come to mind as multifunctional, rugged and affordable.  The poncho can be used in wet weather both as a rain suit and it can also be draped over your back pack while you are on the move.  In camp, it can serve either as a shelter or as a ground cloth.  The poncho liner is a light weight compact piece of kit that does a great job keeping you warm.  I still carry one with me almost everywhere.  You can use it alone or to augment your bivvy or sleeping bag (inside or on top of), it traps heat but not moisture.  Together these are essential pieces of kit for the serious prepper and you can make them a stocking stuffer for under $40 each.  



They come in various colors but I recommend the woodland camoflage for most uses.

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