Stocking Stuffer RELOAD - Potassium Iodide Jan 02,2018

Special Environment ( TEOTWAWKI )

With all the hype around North Korea developing an ICBM that can reach the states, I really should have included Potassium Iodide as a stocking stuffer.  

Reading the news story today of how Kim Jong Un brags he has the nuclear button on his desk, I think everyone should get a bottle for the family.  No telling where his mood swings will take him.

Less than $20 for enough for the whole family.  This is not an item you want to have to stand in line to get after a nuclear event - have a bottle in the house.  I gave bottles to my extended family this Christmas.

Potassium Iodide is the only medical treatment for radiation exposure available without a prescription or a doctor’s supervision:  165 mg taken once a day, it fills up the thyroid with stable Iodine so it will not absorb any radioactive forms.  Any radioactive forms that are ingrested or absorbed are then excreted via normal body functions (urination, etc).  You only need to take the supplement for the first three or four days after an event (assuming you do not stay in the Hot Zone).  The other treatments listed by the CDC (Prussian Blue, DTPA, and Neupogen) require a doctor for administration.

   20x 65 mg pills = 10 doses (will protect 2 almost 3 persons)  

 120x 32.5mg pills = 30 doses (more than enough for a family of 4, 5, or 6)


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