The Best Folding Knife I've Ever Owned Dec 24,2017

Defense ( Weapons )

By: Tim Ferris

Columbia River Knife & Tool

CRKT Model 6773Z Crawford Kasper Blade Knife

Technical Description:

•  Overall Length: 9.25”

•  Closed Length: 5.4”

•  Blade Length: 3.75”

•  Blade Type: Modified Drop Point

•  Blade Material:  8CR14MoV

•  Locking System: Auto LAWKS

•  Weight: 7.2 oz.

•  Liner Material: Stainless Steel

•  Opener: Dual Thumb Studs

•  Handle: Black Zytel w/lanyard hole

•  Clip:  Removable Stainless Steel Pocket Clip


The Crawford Kasper Folding Knife was purpose designed for self-defense, but is a great utility knife too. It was designed by the late Bob Kasper, who was a former U.S. Marine and renowned martial artist. Kasper was especially interested in knife fighting for combat and the street. He studied the techniques and tactics used by the U.S. Commandos in WWII. He adapted these lethal techniques to modern combat / street fighting in his KNI-COM fighting system.

I personally carry the CRKT Crawford Kasper as part of my EDC. It is simply the best EDC defense/utility folding knife I’ve ever owned. I first started carrying it while working in Baghdad in 2004 and have carried it ever since.

As a student of Guro Dan Inosanto, I study Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) and Indonesian Silat. Both systems are heavily influenced by the blade and this knife is the perfect fit for me to apply the techniques learned in those systems. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features that make this a great knife.

The knife’s size is large for a folder. Its closed length is 5.4” and its opened length is 9.25”. The auto LAWKS locking system essentially transforms the folder into a fixed blade once opened. The blade is 1.4” wide at the base and the length is more than adequate at 3.75”. The blade thickness is substantial enough to prevent the blade from breaking during the application of knife fighting techniques. It has a thumb stud on each side of the blade for ambidextrous manipulation.




The images below show the AutoLAWKS (Lake and Walker Knife Safety) system in the unlocked position to the rear and in the locked position to the front: 




The handle is also large for folder. I really like the handle design. It feels good in my hand. It has a deep finger groove cut into the handle that cradles your index finger nicely, in some techniques your middle finger, preventing the knife from slipping in your hand while pushing or pulling. It has a flare at the pummel end of the handle that cradles your little finger and prevents the knife from slipping while striking with the pummel or pulling the blade out of a target. The finger grove and the flare at the pummel also serve as excellent index points that guide your hand into a good grip position. It has a stainless-steel belt/pocket clip that can be removed if desired. However, I think it’s a good idea to leave it on. It greatly assists carrying the knife. I prefer to use an inside the waistband (IWB) carry technique, with the knife clipped into my waistband on the knife-hand side of my abdomen.




For me, the closed dimensions are important for the application of non-lethal techniques. I can employ the knife using olisi palad (palm stick or yawara stick) techniques for striking targets and attacking pressure points without the risk of cutting an attacker. Let’s face it, if you stab or cut someone up, killing them…you could go to prison depending on the circumstances. At the very least, you’re going to have some serious legal issues to deal with. So, know the laws in your area and employ your knife accordingly. That’s why I like to have the non-lethal option, but if things escalate I can always flip out the blade and go to work that way.

Bottom line – in my opinion, the Crawford Kasper made by CRKT is one of the best knives you can get for self-defense at any price. It works fine as a utility knife. When you consider that this knife costs less than $20, it may be the best knife you can buy for your money. The knife was original designed and produced by Crawford Handmade Knives in collaboration with Bob Kasper. You can purchase an original Crawford Kasper made by Crawford for between $800 - $2,500 depending on the design.


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