The London Knife Ban Apr 28,2018

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The London Knife Ban


So for those Gun Owners and Second Amendment Rights Advocates that believe that guns don’t kill people – news flash:  in London it is knives that kill people.  In a country where citizens have never had a right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by their constitution, in response to a rash of knife attacks and killings, the Mayor of London has instituted a ban on knives.  There is “never a reason to carry a knife” according to Mayor Sadiq Khan.  The police are doing weapons sweeps (using the stop and frisk method made famous during Mayor Guliani’s tenure as Mayor of New York City).   And it has resulted in several ridiculous confiscations of common tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, and scissors.  But let’s unpack all of this.

1-The basic premise of the London Knife Ban (or any weapon ban) is that only law enforcement (and the military) should be armed and they will protect us from those who wish to do violence with a knife or a gun or [insert whatever implement is included in the banned list of weapons].  Contrast this with the American tradition of self-defense.

2-Additionally, banning weapons makes anyone owning or possessing the banned weapon a criminal.  The assumption is that mere possession means you intend to commit a crime.  It also means that law abiding citizens are defenseless in the face of anyone who has a weapon.  Now you can always spend years training in martial arts and turn yourself into a formidable weapon but the bottom line is someone with a weapon almost always has an advantage over someone without a weapon.  The government ban is handicapping your right to defend yourself.

3-As you can see by reviewing the Twitter accounts of various police department in London – government rules get implemented by brainless bureaucrats.  Taking tools away from repairmen (see a screen capture from the Regents Park Police below) and other impliments like a pizza cutter, a hammer, barbeque forks.  We need to send some TSA screenings over to London to help them out! (yes, I am being sarcastic…)

4-You may remember how hated the stop and frisk policy in NYC became with accusations of racial profiling.  Let’s see how it plays out in London.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the knife ban will fail.

A knife is a basic tool not just for a prepper but for anyone wishing not to eat with their bare hands.  We advocate carrying a knife as part of your Every Day Carry [EDC] since it has so many applications that can help you survive. 

But the knife ban in London is essentially what the liberal left want to do in the wake of the Parkland Florida Shooting on 14 Feb 2018.  The #NeverAgain crowd wants all guns banned so that only police (and the military) will have them.  Oh and criminals will still have guns…. I am also a bit dismayed that celebrities and politicians that scream the loudest for gun control or gun bans are surrounded by their armed security. 

I wear a seat belt when I ride in my car but I don’t ever hope to be in an accident.  I might keep fire extinguisher in my home but I don’t plan on burning it down.  Likewise, I carry a gun not because I expect to use it but for that rare contingency that I might need it to defend myself.


When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

Remember that Stoneman Douglas HS the shooter was permitted by a non responsive Broward County Deputy waiting outside to continue firing for six minutes (at which point the shooter ditched his rifle and went for a Subway), Coral Springs police officers finally entered the building four minutes later.  Results 17 dead and 17 wounded.  Contrast that with the shooting at Great Mills HS in Maryland just a month later, the officer on duty engaged the shooter and the incident was over in less than a minute.  Results 2 dead (including the shooter) and 1 wounded.  If you are standing next to an LEO, you might be ok.

As we have stated in the past, if you have to go to a gun-free zone, you should be asking how that area is secured.  Is there a perimeter of security around the area so someone with a gun can’t come in for an “all you can shoot” buffet?  For establishments that ban guns but don’t secure the area other than hope that no gunmen will dare to enter… you might want not to expose yourself to that possibility. 

It may be of interest to some that President Obama commissioned the CDC in 2010 to study how to prevent gun violence.  They tasked the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council who published their study in 2013 .  Interesting to note that they estimated that self defense use of guns prevents anywhere from 100,000 to 3 million crimes each year.  Considering there are roughly 105,000 gun injuries a year (including 32,000 fatalities of which 19,000 are suicides using a gun), even on the low end the self defense uses of a gun – this significantly reduces violence against citizens each year.  I am going to quote from page 15-16 of the study:  “Studies that directly assessed the effect of acutal defensive uses of guns (ie incidents in which a gun was “used” by the crime victim in the sense of attacking or theatening an offender) have found consistently lower injury rates among gun-using crime victims compared with victims who use other self- protective strategies (studies are then cited and you can look them up).”  Amazing!  Defending yourself with a gun is the most effective defensive strategy!  As we have said in the past, when seconds count – the police are only minutes away.

Another 1985 study of felons in prison indicated that they would avoid attempting a crime against a victim they knew was armed (see page 27 of Armed Criminal in America - A Survey of Incarcerated Felons at

You have seen us advocate that as part of your prep, you should not only get a weapon (gun) but also train with it and get a conceal and carry permit.  Gun ban advocates want to make America a gun-free zone (except for law enforcement and military and unintentionally criminals will also still have guns).  If there is a cop everywhere, this might be work.  But placing armed security everywhere costs money and even then you can’t be sure of how quickly an officer will respond.  Why not just allow citizens to carry weapons if they choose?  Why not encourage citizens to carry weapons?  It comes down to whether you expect the government to take care of you or you are willing to take care of yourself.

But keep an eye on London because if they ever manage to get guns banned here in America, you can expect they will come for your knives next, then your forks, hammers, nail clippers, tweezers, knitting needles, sewing needles, finger nails….  Let’s hope that never happens.

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