Your Home is Your Castle 1 Jun 24,2017

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Your Home is your Castle


This article is a two-part series, as there was simply too much invaluable information not to allow the attention deserved. Also, this article applies a case study that helps set the tone to hopefully force you to think more about your personal mindset and preparedness. Remember: this is a true story and represents a situation that became real for a couple in Florida. Their lack of preparation and, most importantly, reaction cost them their lives and fed headlines, shocking the community and the nation.  It happened in an affluent neighborhood in Palm Beach County, Florida in 2016.  Police were called to the scene of an incident involving a 19-year-old frat boy from Florida State University. The police arrived at the horrific scene met by animalistic grunting sounds coming from the deranged young man as he was eating the male victim’s face after stabbing the female victim. The police used K-9s and Tasers to arrest the young man, and as he lay handcuffed on the ground, he allegedly spat out human flesh from his mouth and said he ate something bad and begged the police to kill him. Here’s a link to the article.

The attacker did not know the couple or have reason to assault them. Sadly, the couple was a simple target of opportunity for the disturbed young man.  What you should take away from this story is that an attack can come from anywhere… unprovoked.  Merely being in the wrong place at the wrong time happens and is the reason why I want you to understand the importance of a warrior mindset.  We always want to remain proactive to prevent being in the wrong place but there are times when we’re forced into a reactive condition and yet still have the mindset to win.

The exact details of the attack are not clear and may never become known, but what is known is that one man attacked two people. There were no defensive wounds on the attacker apart from the police inflicted wounds, meaning the couple remained as sheep when the wolf killed them.  While the guy was seemingly crazy and possibly on drugs at the time of the attack.  Reports later identified only alcohol and marijuana in his system.  What is also known is that the guy was bat shit crazy and we all know there are many more people like him in the world.  You can’t always pinpoint who might be the unhinged person in a public setting and we should be prepared to handle such situations.  Now, although it is unlikely that a random stranger would dine on you and your spouse à la Hannibal Lecter, you should want to be prepared.

As part of the Prepper community, you continue to develop your survival skills through many forums available today. Online areas, books, television shows, purchases of gear, and participation in training that best meets your personal goals are just a few or the resources you have.  Each one of you is the same…yet different. You are different in your threat preparation goals and training, which is largely based on your perception of the threat and possibly your geographical location.  The Prepper Skills website supplies a good amount of information that will prove useful; however, there is much more information available found here, where you’ll find unlimited access to material presented by real subject matter experts from military elite units.

Today, my goal is to help implement the basics to ensure your home is a castle (ready fortress); a place where you can let your guard down to rest. Most likely, home is the most important focus for most of you and as you prepare for the worst, your home is the logical starting point. The home is where you come to be safe to remove yourself from the chaotic madness of the world.  It’s the area where you’ll go into condition white, which puts you at your most vulnerable condition. Threats from criminals, from weather, or from other unknown sources are a few of the forces lurking outside your castle.

A wall or moat around the perimeter of the home is not a reality for most sadly; therefore, the true first line of defense is the home itself.  As such, this primary protective bubble should be assessed for its current level of protection and any improvements needed.  Further, this information helps to determine steps to increase your home’s security posture. You may have already considered this and even prepared your home for all the worst-case scenarios you can conjure up. In case of an emergency, others may be planning to evacuate from that area to relocate to an area already prepared. Either way, in making our home a castle we should strive to do the best with what we have.

In part I, we'll discuss concentric rings of security, which is used in every part of the security world; from the military to federal law enforcement, all utilize this method.  Why?  Quite simply, because it works...duh!  Think about the last election in the United States; you know the Secret Service had enormous challanges and continues to face them.  They too use the rings of security as the primary defensive measure to ensure the security of the events.   Ultimately, the method is used to protect the candidate and the President of the United States.  Private businesses, military facilities, schools, power stations, and just about every facility that requires security use these rings.  Learn from them, as you too can enhance your home's security through the same techniques as the subject matter experts.

In part II, the article poses three simple questions to identify areas for improvement as you continue to prepare for the worst.  As your home is your castle, you should always feel safe and secure there.  And, while I bet many of you feel safe in your homes, I would be interested in your feedback after you consider the questions I’ll ask. In the next segment we’ll break down the layers of security and define what and how you should focus resources to make your home stronger. Now certainly, it’s easy for someone to tell you everything you need; however, everyone has different factors to consider:

► What are you trying to achieve?

► What is your budget?

► What is your threat?

► What is your experience and DYI ability?

Remember, when you open your home to others to complete projects, you need to vet them as you’re handing over the blueprints to your security posture. In this instance, you should try to limit such information from those outside your circle of trust. Also, if you have children, discuss this with them. Kids love to tell stories to be the cool kid on the block. If you have built a safe room in your house, there’s a really good chance all the neighborhood kids know as welland have even had a look inside. Ideally, you should assume some of this information will get out, so take precautions to safeguard your security and keep your kids in the loop about the things they see.

Stay alert and stay alive…

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