Zombies vs Vehicles Update Jun 24,2017

Mobility ( Reconnaissance )

Zombie –Vs- Vehicle Update

I know there is an article already out there that I wrote concerning this topic, however I love when I get new information that applies to a lesson I have provided for you. I like to keep you all aware of changing events in society, especially, areas that support previous articles. A while back I wrote an article, Zombies -vs- Vehicles, where I discussed the growing issue of innocent drivers meeting with unruly, lawless mobs blocking public streets. More importantly, blocking you and your loved ones’ path to freedom and safety.  When a mob forms, together they gain a feeling that they are in the right. And, even if they start out peacefully protesting, such mobs can be encouraged quickly to act out of character and become violent.

They may feel it’s their right to detain you and who knows what other intentions they have. They may deflect all their anger toward you, just a Joe trying to get from point A to point B. They don’t care about your politics at that moment and pose a real threat to you and your family. The scientific community has studied mob mentality and understands how persuasion can rule the mob to do bad things, even to kill! What is known throughout the scientific psychology community is that mobs influence people and even good people fail to do the right thing in many cases, also know as “mob psychology”. It’s been demonstrated even a peaceful mob will fail to act, thinking someone else will respond to a problem.  They are no longer responsible for their actions as individuals and their actions are cloaked in the anonymity of the mob universally acting.

There was a case of a 78- year old homeless man struck by a vehicle one afternoon several years ago. He lay in the street while many people around witnessed the hit and run. Yet, no one came to his assistance… it was hard to watch. Imagine fellow humans failing to assist a helpless man who lay injured and vulnerable in the street, as cars drive around the lifeless body.  What I know is this; I don’t count on people, especially strangers, to always do the right thing. Of course, for every story of bad there are many of good as people are wired to assist one another. If we fail to help each other, we will fail as a society. We truly need one another and are society driven, but the mob psychology invades the body and human spirit in a bad way. 

Today, I’m writing to update on a new story coming out of North Dakota. North Dakota lawmaker's bill protects drivers who negligently hit someone obstructing traffic. A lawmaker, Republican Keith Kempenich, sponsored a bill that protects the drivers of North Dakota. He was prompted to sponsor the bill due to the controversy of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation and the ongoing protest of the pipeline that runs through North Dakota. Kempenich stated a sobering line (one similar to my first article), “If you stay off the roadway, this would never be an issue.” “Those motorists are going about the lawful, legal exercise of their right to drive down the road…. Those people didn’t ask to be in this.” The proposed law seeks to shift responsibility and blame from the driver to the person blocking the road.

It should be noted this is only a proposed law and nothing has passed; however, it demonstrates drivers have valid concerns. Situational awareness is real and having a plan is equally important. I’ve been in the position where I’ve had to strike humans with a vehicle, I say this not lightly, as it’s a decision that could kill or seriously injure someone. That being said, I was able to execute the maneuver easily because was I trained to react quickly to such situations. I was able to think critically about alternatives and could come to the realization this was the only logical conclusion. Needless to say, I was in a heightened state of awareness, “ORANGE”, and was mentally prepared to move into “RED” and fight. Believe me, I considered other avenues of exfiltration but in all the cases forward movement provided the best safety for me and the people I was charged to protect. These were in high-threat areas and for the most part I was sure the people blocking my path meant us harm. Although, counter to stories of hitting someone, there are also occasions on which I chose not to use my vehicle. By all rights, I could’ve hit them but I was able to problem solve. In such instances, some of the indicators I look for in threat situations were not present (and were present in other situations); thusly, I elected to play it out. However, I was always ready to push through. I bring this situational awareness with me in low-threat environments as well. In fact, when I’m home I continually evaluate and look for indicators that may push me to “ORANGE” and into “RED.”

Remember that you should review the "stand your ground" laws and the "duty to retreat" in your area - in some jurisdictions these laws specifically address your vehicle.  If you have access to legal counsel (potentially another prepper minded attorney in or among your prepping community) you can discuss legal obligations in this instance.

In conclusion, I want you to remember you need to be ready to act and possess the ability to protect you and your loved ones. Know the laws of your area, but bottom line, be prepared to act in an emergency. You need to continue to remain situationally aware and alert in every environment you work in by spending all your waking hours in a state of “YELLOW.” From “YELLOW,” you can move into “ORANGE and RED”, if and when needed. Remember, you will never rise to the occasion, you can only operate at your level of training and mindset… therefore, don’t expect the good protection fairy to swoop down and come to your assistance when you need it. Instead, depend on your training and mindset to rule the day in your favor. 


Stay alert, stay alive.




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